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Massage package

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Contents of the package:

Massage oil:

Our massage oil can be selected in two strengths:

Massage oil 1000Mg CBD

Massage oil 300Mg CBD

The combination of natural ingredients such as CBD, rosemary and pine oil, sea buckthorn extract and cooling menthol soothes and relaxes tired, sore muscles and can relieve muscle and joint inflammation.

White Jade Massage Angel

Thanks to its special design, our Fehér Jade Massage Angel perfectly fits the neck areas, so by exerting a little force, we can effectively stimulate and massage these areas ourselves, thus promoting the relaxation of the muscles and the more effective introduction of our oils into the skin.

Massage tool size: 7.5cmX5cm


Feel your muscles and find the areas that are more sensitive to pressure. Small lumps can often be felt at the trigger points. Move the massage tool back and forth, tilting it slightly on the painful area, slowly increasing the pressure on trigger points, but not too hard, for about 30 seconds. Repeat after a short break. It is recommended to use massage oil to use the device. Massage can stimulate lymph and blood circulation and relax muscles.